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Apple Bagging Start To Finish

Apple Bagging Start To Finish

Apple bagging: I have this apple tree that I was going to chop down because all the apples were wormy every year. I didn’t want to spray the apple tree because I have an organic garden under and around it it. A long search rewarded me with the perfect solution; apple bagging. I watched many a video and didn’t see how paper bags for example could last through a really rainy day and I also wanted an inexpensive solution.

I have found it.

I removed all the wormy apples from my tree which amounted to 6 full grocery bags. These were thrown out – not put in the compost heap. I realized I was left with about 70 perfect apples. WOW I didn’t realize my tree had any perfect apples – it just needed my help. I sat down and formed these apple bags. They are easy to put on even one handed when one of you hands is steadying yourself on a ladder.

Please watch this video it shows you how the create the apple bag that will protect your healthy apples from pests, birds and other critters. Watch then leave your comment and SHARE with 5 friends.

Thank You To Myk63 For Posting This Video!

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