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Coddling Moth Trap

Coddling Moth Trap

It is great to have worms in your garden soil. But that’s where the friendship ends for me. The last thing I want is a worm in my apples and pears. I have picked all the wormy apples off the tree and picked up all the wormy apples off the ground and disposed of them. See my apple bagging video. So all that is missing in my repertoire is to set up a coddling moth trap or two. Usually you need more than one type of control and this is called Intergrated Pest Management (IPM).

See the video to see the other types of controls you can use to give you that worm free apple that is so full of goodness and does many good things for the health and well-being of your body. Just as a point of interest half a red apple a day will lower your cholesterol by 40%. (Follow the link for more info.)

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Thank you To Utah State University Extension For Posting This Video!


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